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How do I get access?

  1. Create an account with us, with your email and password.
  2. Log in and purchase membership.
  3. Each month you will be charged a monthly fee of $14.99.
  4. This website is for members only and all products and prices can only be purchased by members.


How it works / Rules

  1. A collection of shoes will be added to the website on Fridays at 6pm EST.
  2. Shoes will be available on a first come first serve basis.
  3. Each customer will be able to purchase only 1 pair of shoes a day. This makes it fair for every subscriber to get a fair shot at purchasing.
  4. If you purchase more than 1 pair per day you will be refunded for your order, and you will be banned from the website. Your subscription fee for that month will NOT be refunded.




“How long does it take until I get access to purchase from the Members Only Page?”

  • It usually takes 5-10 minutes to gain access to the website when you create your account before purchasing the membership.


“How do I subscribe to the site?”

  • Click on the "Memberships" tab at the top of the page, Create an account, and purchase a membership. 


"Why does my membership show as "Unfulfilled?"

  • We do not mark memberships as "Fulfilled" so don't worry about that.


"How often can I Purchase shoes?"

  • You can purchase 1 pair of shoes  per calendar day.

"Do you offer refunds?"
  • We do not offer any refunds on shoes or membership fees, unless it is an error on our part.


“How do I cancel my membership?”
  • You can cancel your membership at any time by going to your account and clicking "Manage Subscriptions" and clicking cancel.
  • Please note, once you cancel you will lose access. 


“How often will shoes be added?”

  • Main restocks are EVERY Friday at 6:00pm EST
  • Occasionally shoes will be added on random days and times. It's best to continue to check the site as often as possible.


"What sizes will you carry?"
  • We will typically carry sizes ranging from from 4y to 14.   



Solace was established in 2023 with a vision of creating a place for enthusiasts looking for premium footwear and streetwear to buy and sell with confidence in the product and the company. Today, we are proud to have grown into a premier destination for the latest and most coveted sneakers and streetwear.

With shops in Birmingham, AL, and Leeds, AL, our stores are like treasure troves for anyone on the hunt for those must-have, hard-to-find pieces.

And guess what? We're taking things up a notch with our new Solace Steals Subscription Service. Picture this: you sign up, and BAM! You get up to 70% off on the dopest sneakers and streetwear out there. 

Our commitment goes beyond just providing products; we aim to build a community that shares the same love for streetwear and sneakers.